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A good Adult PPV Webcam Script

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I am looking for a good adult ppv webcam script. Not, the same Video Girls Biz script either. A webcam script that is recent, and not a couple of years old. I have seen a lot, but some are too old, and others just do not work.

Thank You

asked May 27, 2011 in Scripts by Clintin 1k! (1,100 points)

1 Answer

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Here you go...PPV Cam Script for Adult

But it is not null so if you can null it than be my pleasure..

Download: http://www.multiupload.com/B2Y8KE2GZ3.

Website: http://www.videogirls.biz/view.php?p=Demo

Demo: http://www.videogirls.biz/demo/


User features
• Visitors
o Registration
o Login
o Password Recovery
o Browse performers, view profiles, view video streaming from users where allowed
• All Members
o Create profile and upload picture a picture on registration
o Edit profile answers
o Manage profile pictures
o Crop profile pictures
o View account wallet balance
o Affiliate program
o Invite friends
o Add profiles to favourites
o Message profile

and many many more.....

answered May 27, 2011 by JackRipper newbie (370 points)
WTF!!! You have to be fucking with me? You didn't read my question, or you just fucking with me. I do not want this same Video Girls Biz script. I can get this anywhere, if I wanted too. Plus, it seems that nobody can even null this. I DO NOT WANT THIS SCRIPT!!! I am sorry.

Something else... maybe.
You really a moron..seriouly.
Look at yourself, somebody tried to help you.
But you have a very bad attitude.
Remember that you are asking for people help!
So why cant you be nice??? What a jerk..i hate people like you.
Doesn't matter if that is what you want or not, but people put their effort and initiative just to help a stupid asshole like you...
I hate people like you, that try to turn something into something that it is not. The above answer is stupid, I don't care if that person was trying to help. Inside my question, I even stated that I didn't want the video girls biz script. And what did the person give me? The Video Girls Biz Script. So, I take that as someone that do not know how to follow directions or just doing it for the hell of it.

So you can go eat a dick.